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Online shopping is a fast, convenient and modern form of shopping. But just like you need to be careful while shopping in a traditional retail store, you must act smartly when shopping online too. IndiaBusinessZone is concerned about your safety, and suggests you to consider the following Safety Tips before entering into a transaction with a seller:

1. Getting information
2. Divulging your personal information
3. Meeting the seller
4. Seeing the product
5. Getting the best price
6. Making the paymen
7. Reporting a suspicious activity on IndiaBusinessZone
1.Getting information
Once you have expressed your interest to the seller, ask as many questions as you may have about the product. You should get all the required information about the product's condition and history. Ask the seller to send across the pictures of the product to you.
2.Divulging your personal information
It is suggested not to provide your personal information like home address and phone number to the seller in your initial conversation. However, you may need to provide this information to the seller after he has responded satisfactorily to the questions raised by you and seems credible. If e-mail has been the mode of communication between the two of you, please talk to the seller over the phone on his number.
3.Meeting the seller
It is important that you meet the seller in person before buying the product. Before your meeting, talk to the seller over the phone. Don't just rely on e-mail conversation. Insist the seller to meet you at a public place like a restaurant or a cafe where other people are also around. Inform your family member or friend about your meeting and have someone accompanying you.
4.Seeing the product
It is essential to see and inspect the product on your own before buying. For example, if the product in question is a car, please make sure that the car is registered in the seller's name, go for a test drive to assess its condition, you may also seek a car mechanic's suggestion. Don't be afraid to step back form the deal if the product description/picture is not the same as given by the seller in his offer.  
5.Getting the best price
Always do a thorough research about the product you intend to buy. You must be aware of the market value of the product and keep relevant documents to support your valuation handy at the time of meeting. You may negotiate on the price but avoid insulting the seller by quoting unacceptably low price.
6.Making the payment
Cash is the best form of payment in a transaction through online classifieds. IndiaBusinessZone strongly suggests you to keep away from wire transfer of money or issuing personal cheques. Never divulge your personally identifiable information like credit card or bank account information to anyone. You should also avoid carrying excess cash with you at the time of meeting. If the transaction involves big money, you may carry a demand draft in the name of the seller at the time of meeting. Do not forget to ask for a receipt duly signed by the seller.
7.Reporting a suspicious activity
If you have come across a suspicious user or want to share an unpleasant experience at, please report the matter at info [at] We request your support to keep a safe place for all users.

Note: Stay away from sellers who seem to be suspicious or hide facts from you at any point, no matter how lucrative the offer is.
Be very careful when you are sending money before the shipment is made. Make sure you have verified seller's details and would be able to reach to him in case of any problem.

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