Q1. What is IndiaBusinessZone? is a free, simple, easy-to-use classifieds ads website where people can post their offers and requirements and browse through the same posted by others from anywhere across India.

Q2. How much does it cost to post an ad? does not charge you any fees to post an ad or an event. It is free to use.

Q3. How do I post an ad on IndiaBusinessZone?

Posting an ad on IndiaBusinessZone is simple. Just click on Post Your Ad button on top of every page and fill out a simple form and your ad will be online in no time.

Q4. Can I edit or delete my ad? What is "My IndiaBusinessZone"?

Yes, You can sign in to My IndiaBusinessZone box using your password & username or email id and easily view edit or delete your ad.

Q5. How do I add a picture to my Ad?

You can add upto 5 photos per ad. All you need to do is click on Browse button next to Upload Image while posting an ad and select the photo that you want. Your photo will be uploaded in a few seconds.

Q6. How will visitors interested in my Ad contact me?

There are various contact options that you can choose from. Visitor will contact you by email or Mobile no, Landline no which you have mentioned in your ad.

Q7. How do I reply to an Ad?

Click on the ad title that you are interested in. On the ad details page, you will find a section - 'Reply form'. Fill in the required details like email, name, and message with your contact details (if required).Then your reply will be sent to user who has posted the ad . Alternately, you can call / fax / post to the advertisers if they have given any contact details.

Q8. How long does my ad remain posted on

Classified ads stay live for 60 days. However, you can Re-List your ad by signing into "My IndiaBusinessZone" section after the expiry of the ad.

Q9. How can I post my classified ad on using SMS/Mobile?

You can post your ad by using mobile , clearly specifying the ad detail, your location and contact details (e.g.: website development services, low prices,high quality, Rohit Gandash, ) and send it to 09800000000

Q10. How will I know if my ad has been posted on

Email Notification will be sent to you once your ad will be activated.

Q11. Where will I see my ad response?

You can see your ad responses by signing into “ My IndiaBusinessZone” using your password & email or username.

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